Turks and Caicos Islands: Places to Explore


Little Water Cay

This small, uninhabited cay is a protected area under the Turks & Caicos National Trust and just a stone's throw away from Walkin' and Leeward marinas. On a private boat, the trip takes 5 minutes; an excursion boat takes 5 to 15 minutes once you leave the Grace Bay area. On these 150 acres are two trails, small lakes, red mangroves, and an abundance of native plants. Boardwalks protect the ground, and interpretive signs explain the habitat. The small island is home to about 2,000 rare, endangered rock iguanas. Experts say the iguanas are shy, but these creatures actually seem rather curious. They waddle right up to you, as if posing for a picture. Several water-sports operators from Provo and North Caicos include a stop on the island as a part of a snorkel or sailing excursion (it's usually called Iguana Island). There's a $5 permit fee to visit the cay, and the proceeds go toward conservation in the islands. Unless you're a woman who loves to get a pedicure the hard way, watch your toes when you’re standing in sand near the iguanas—they have been known to mistake partially buried colored nails for grapes!

Little Water Cay at a Glance