Turks and Caicos Islands: Places to Explore


Fort George Cay

An uninhabited cay and a protected national park, Fort George Cay was once a fortified island that protected the surrounding waters from pirates. Some of the 18th-century cannons that were put in place on the island are now underwater and can be viewed by snorkelers. The beach itself is stunning, a photographer's delight; the curved shoreline creates swirls of different shades of turquoise in the water; at low tide sandbars appear, and the blue-and-green water looks even brighter. This is a great spot to search for sand dollars, so bring a cookie tin so you can carry them back home. You can only collect white sand dollars; gray or dark ones are alive and illegal to take. All the excursion companies make stops here on their full-day trips, so ask if the island is on the itinerary of the boat you plan to take, either for snorkeling or a beach picnic.

Fort George Cay at a Glance