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What Is a Potcake?

Potcakes are indigenous dogs of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos islands. Traditionally, these strays would be fed leftovers from the bottom of the pot, hence the name. Much is being done today to control the stray-dog population. The TCSPCA and Potcake Place are two agencies working to find homes for the puppies. You can do a good deed by adopting one of these gorgeous pups; they have received all the shots and have all the paperwork required to bring them into the United States. Even if you don't adopt, you can help by volunteering to bring one back to its adopted family. Clearing customs in the United States is actually easier when you bring back a potcake! For more information on how you can help, check out the website for Potcake Place (www.potcakeplace.com).

Updated: 12-2013

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