Tobago Cays

Tobago Cays, a small group of five uninhabited islands (Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac, and Jamesby) just east of Mayreau in the southern Grenadines, was declared a wildlife reserve—Tobago Cays Marine Park—in 2006 by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the cays and to allow visitors to experience some of the best snorkeling in the world. The sparkling-clear water within Horseshoe Reef, which surrounds four of the islands, is studded with sponges and coral formations and populated by countless colorful fish and sea turtles. All the major dive operators and sailing and snorkeling day trips stop here, sometimes making it a little overcrowded, but the Tobago Cays remain everyone’s version of a tropical paradise and one unforgettable place. All visitors to the Tobago Cays Marine Park, including those on private or chartered yachts and dive boats, are required to pay a user fee of $4 ($EC10) per person; a yacht mooring costs $17 (EC$45) for 24 hours.


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