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Soufrière and the West Coast

The oldest town in St. Lucia and the island’s former colonial capital, Soufrière was founded by the French in 1746 and named for its proximity to the volcano of the same name. The wharf is the center of activity in this sleepy town (population, 9,000), particularly when a cruise ship anchors in pretty Soufrière Bay. French colonial influences are evident in the second-story verandas, gingerbread trim, and other appointments of the wooden buildings that surround the market square. The market building itself is decorated with colorful murals.

The site of much of St. Lucia’s renowned natural beauty, Soufrière is the destination of most sightseeing trips. Here you can get up close to the iconic Pitons and visit St. Lucia’s "drive-in" volcano, botanical gardens, working plantations, waterfalls, and countless other examples of the natural beauty for which the island is deservedly famous. Note that souvenir vendors station themselves outside some of the popular attractions in and around Soufrière, and they can be persistent. Be polite but firm if you're not interested.

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