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St. Barth's Spas

Visitors to St. Barth can enjoy more than the comforts of home by taking advantage of any of the myriad spa and beauty treatments that are available on the island. The major hotels, the Isle de France, the Guanahani, and the Carl Gustav, have beautiful, comprehensive, on-site spas. Others, including the Hôtel le Village St-Jean, Le Sereno, Le Christopher, and Le Toiny, have added spa cottages, where treatments and services can be arranged on-site. Depending on availability, all visitors to the island can book services at all of these. In addition, scores of independent therapists will come to your hotel room or villa and provide any therapeutic discipline you can think of, including yoga, Thai massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and even manicures, pedicures, and hairdressing. You can get up-to-date recommendations at the tourist office in Gustavia.

Updated: 09-2013

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