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One of the Dutch Caribbean islands, tropical Saba (pronounced say-ba) explodes out of the Caribbean Sea. Though just south of St. Maarten (if you've seen the original King Kong, you'll recognize its majestic silhouette from the beginning of the film), the island couldn't be more different. While St. Maarten is all beaches, gambling, and duty-free shopping, Saba is ecotourism, diving, and hiking.


Saba Hotels

Saba's few hotel rooms are primarily in a handful of friendly, tidy inns or guesthouses perched on ledges or tucked into... read more


Saba Restaurants

The island might be tiny, but there's no shortage of mouthwatering fare, including French dishes, fresh seafood, and... read more


Saba Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Diving: Divers flock to Saba because of the clear water and spectacular ocean life. Hiking: Hikers can climb the island's... Read more

  • The Unspoiled Queen

    Tiny Saba—an extinct volcano that juts out of the ocean to a height of 2,855 feet—is just 5 square miles (13 square km) in size and... Read more

  • Engineering Feats in Saba

    To view Saba from a distance is to be baffled: the island soars out of the Caribbean Sea. Steep, rocky shores, on the conical volcano that... Read more


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