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Most of the restaurants on Vieques and Culebra are casual. Because even the most formal restaurants on the islands are on covered terraces or in open-air dining rooms, there's not a single establishment where you'll be frowned on for wearing shorts. Pack a couple of nice shirts and you'll be set.

You'll find seafood at almost every eatery on Vieques and Culebra. The fish is as fresh as you'll find anywhere, since that red snapper was probably splashing around in the Caribbean that very morning. Here you can order your fish in any number of ways. Chefs are experimenting with European and Asian cooking techniques, so you may find your fish smoked or in a sushi roll.

Even if a restaurant focuses on a different type of food, you can be sure that mangos, papayas, and other tropical fruits will make an appearance. Bills often include a service charge; if it isn't included, a 15% tip is customary. Most restaurants are open for dinner from about 6 pm until at least 10 pm.

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