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Adjuntas to Mayagüez

This is a journey through unspoiled nature. There are few places or reasons to stop from the starting point to the stopping point, but one exception is the Torre de Piedra (Stone Tower), an observation tower in Maricao with breathtaking views. On a clear day you can see almost the entire western coast of the island from this vantage point.

This section of the Ruta is perhaps the most treacherous—the road from Adjuntas to Maricao is in bad shape, pocked with potholes and the occasional sinkhole that's eaten away part of the road—so take it slow. It's also poorly marked; signage is scarce to nonexistent in some areas.

From this section a nice detour is available; veer off the Ruta and steer north on Route 129 toward Lares and Arecibo. This road is no less scenic, but leads through more pueblos until you end up north of Lares at the Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy (Río Camuy Cave Park).

Once you arrive in Mayagüez, you have numerous options. Go north on Highway 2 toward Rincón, a popular town for surfers and mainland U.S. expats, or south toward Cabo Rojo, a charming town with lots of open-air seafood restaurants, houses poised on stilts in the water, and unfailingly beautiful sunsets. Still another option is to head back inland toward the town of San Sebastián (a reasonable drive to or from Arecibo or Camuy), where numerous activities await at Hacienda El Jibarito.

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