Rincón and the Porta del Sol Places



Getting Here and Around

Rincón itself is a spread-out labyrinth of unmarked streets without any apparent logic to its layout. Built on a hillside, most streets are narrow and steep, weaving erratically through the intermingled residential-business zones. There are three main routes to keep in mind; Route 115 cuts through the middle of "downtown" (the administrative center) and connects north to Aguadilla airport and south to Mayagüez airport. Route 413 snakes the hillsides, past villas and local restaurants. The smaller Route 4413 parallels the water, past Punta Higüeras Lighthouse, and ends at the Bonus Thermonuclear Energy Plant.

Air Travel

San Juan's International Airport is the most commonly used on the island and is approximately two hours from Rincón. The closest airports however, are in Mayagüez and in Aguadilla, only 20 minutes' drive in either direction. A taxi from either airport into town costs around $10, but the best option is to rent a car at the airport.

Bus and Van Travel

Amigos Tours & Travel has private transfers from Aguadilla's airport to Rincón and to most hotels in the Porta del Sol for $80 per van (limit five passengers).

Amigos Tours & Travel (787/826–6418. www.amigostours.net.)

Car Travel

To reach Rincón from San Juan, take Highway 22, which becomes Highway 2 after Arecibo. Follow it past the northwestern tip of the island, just beyond Aguadilla. Take the 115 southwest past Aguada until you reach Rincón's Route 413, "The Road to Happiness."


With a land area of 14 square miles (36 square km), Rincón is easily traversable in an afternoon. However, to fully embrace its laid-back surfer vibe, you'll want to allocate three to five days for surfing, diving, fishing, or just relaxing at the beach.