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If You Have 1 Day

If you have only a day to spend in the Porta del Sol, make the drive to Joyuda for some of Puerto Rico's freshest seafood. You probably won't be the only ones driving from San Juan for this feast.

If You Have 3 Days

If you have a few days to explore the region, start in Rincón, where you'll find accommodations for every taste, from compact inns to sprawling resorts. There isn't too much to see, other than the lighthouse at Parque Pasivo El Faro, but you will see plenty of beautiful beaches. Most have been discovered, however. If you crave complete solitude, you're more likely to find empty beaches in the communities of Aguadilla or Isabela. On Day 2 drive south to the coastal communities in the Cabo Rojo. Your first stop should be Joyuda, where you can choose from dozens of seaside restaurants. After lunch, continue past Boquerón to El Combate. This is the end of the line, quite literally. The road ends at the lighthouse that once warned sea captains about the treacherous waters around the island's southwestern tip. On Day 3 you can explore more of this windswept landscape, or head offshore for a look at Mona Island.

If You Have 5 Days

After spending three days along the western coast, you may be tempted to set sail to one of the islands off the coast. On Day 4, head out on an overnight trip to Mona Island, a 14,000-acre paradise known as the "Galápagos of the Caribbean." You'll have to camp on this deserted island, but the view from the 200-foot cliffs on the northern shore makes it all worth it. Trips to Mona Island must be arranged weeks in advance.

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