Surfing in Rincón



Desecheo Surf & Dive Shop. Desecheo Surf & Dive Shop rents snorkeling equipment, Boogie boards, and a variety of short and long surfboards. The company also has a small shop with swimwear, sandals, sunglasses, and surf gear. Rte. 413, Km 2.5, Rincón, 00677. 787/823–0390.

Mar Azul. Mar Azul has Rincon's best selection of performance surfboards and stand-up paddleboards to buy or rent. Paddleboard lessons are also available. This is one of the best surf shops on the entire island. Rte. 413, Km 4.4, Rincón, 00677. 787/823–5692.

Puntas Surf School. With more than a decade of surf-coaching experience, Puntas is the only surf school in Rincón with female instructors. Rincón. 787/366–1689.

Rincón Surf School. Rincón Surf School offers private and group lessons as well as surf yoga classes. Rte. 413, Km 4.4, Rincón, 00677. 787/823–0610.


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