Rincón and the Porta del Sol: Places to Explore


  • Aguadilla

    Resembling a fishing village, downtown Aguadilla has narrow streets lined with small wooden homes. Weathered but lovely, the faded facades recall the city's long and turbulent past. Officially incorporated... Read more

  • Cabo Rojo

    Named for its pinkish cliffs, "Red Cape" was used in the late 18th century as a port for merchant vessels—and for the smugglers and pirates who inevitably accompanied oceangoing trade. Today the miles... Read more

  • Isabela

    Founded in 1819 and named for Spain's Queen Isabella, this small, whitewashed town on the northwestern tip of the island skirts tall cliffs that overlook the rocky shoreline. Locals have long known of... Read more

  • Mayagüez

    "Me encanta" is what most people from Puerto Rico say when you ask them about Mayagüez. But you are likely to be less than enchanted by the grungy city, home to 12,000 university students and several casinos... Read more

  • Rincón

    Jutting out into the ocean along the rugged western coast, Rincón, meaning "corner" in Spanish, may have gotten its name because it's tucked into a bend of the coastline. Some, however, trace the town's... Read more