Rincón and the Porta del Sol Places



Getting Here and Around

Air Travel

The small Aeropuerto Eugenio María de Hostos (MAZ), just north of Mayagüez on Highway 2, has flights between San Juan and Mayagüez on American Eagle and Cape Air. If you are not flying into San Juan, you can rent a car at the airport. Prices vary from $35 to $65 per day.

Car Travel

Driving in Mayagüez can be complicated, especially in the high-trafficked center of town where one-way streets compose the city grid. Nevertheless, a rental car is your best option for getting around town. From Highway 2 you can reach downtown by taking Route 105 (Calle McKinley) or Route 106 (Calle Méndez Vigo). Either route will take you to the heart of the city.

Taxi Travel

In Mayagüez, taxis charge flat rates—no meters—by location. Fares to or from San Juan are steep: for example, service is $120 from Mayagüez.