Getting Here and Around in El Combate


Getting Here and Around

To reach the coastal town of El Combate from the 101, take Route 301 south to km 7.8, where the road intersects with Route 3301. The five-minute drive west on Route 3301 ends at El Combate Beach, where a cluster of restaurants and hotels line the main strip, Calle 3. To reach Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and the salt flats, bypass Route 3301 and continue south on Route 301 until the road ends. This paved road soon turns into a bumpy one with potholes dotting the dusty course. The trek is well worth the effort, however, as jutting mangroves and crystal waters welcome travelers to Puerto Rico's southwestern tip.

It's a good idea to rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle from Mayag├╝ez airport if you are heading to Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, as it is reached via a truly terrible dirt road.


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