Rincón and the Porta del Sol: Places to Explore


Cabo Rojo

People often assume that the town of Cabo Rojo is at the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico, where there is a lighthouse by the same name. Cabo Rojo is actually located south of Mayaguez, east of Joyuda, and slightly northwest of Lajas.

Named for its pinkish cliffs, "Red Cape" was used in the late 18th century as a port for merchant vessels—and for the smugglers and pirates who inevitably accompanied oceangoing trade. Today the miles of coastline to the west and north of this tiny curl of land jutting into the Caribbean are a destination for families. Many small, inexpensive hotels can be found in the communities of Joyuda, Boquerón, and El Combate. Outdoor activities are quite popular, from sailing out of Boquerón to hiking to the lighthouse near El Combate.

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