Kayaking in Fajardo



Several tour operators, including some based in San Juan, offer nighttime kayaking tours in the bioluminescent bay at the Reserva Natural Las Cabezas de San Juan, just north of Fajardo.

Kayaking Puerto Rico. This adventure outfitter has an excursion for all types of water (and kayak) lovers. They offer a host of day and night trips such as kayaking the glowing waters of Fajardo's bioluminescent lagoon, paddling along Culebra's reefs, snorkeling with local turtles, and piloting an eco-friendly, inflatable speed boat across crystal clear waters. Rates begin at $48 depending on activity; group rates and specials can be found online. Fajardo. 787/435–1665 or 787/245–4545. www.kayakingpuertorico.com.

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