Sights & Attractions in Montserrat


Sights Overview
Name Category Location
The Cot
A fairly strenuous Centre Hills trail leads to...
Viewpoints Montserrat
Foxes Bay
The ravages of volcanic ash and hurricanes are...
Beaches Montserrat
Jack Boy Viewing Facility
This vantage point—replete with telescope,...
Viewpoints Montserrat
Little Bay
Boats chug in and out of the port at the northern...
Beaches Montserrat
Montserrat National Trust Botanical Gardens
The MNT's main headquarters and collections...
Gardens / Arboretums Montserrat
Montserrat Volcano Observatory
The island's must-see sight occupies capacious,...
Viewpoints Montserrat
National Museum of Montserrat
The National Trust, which aims to conserve and...
Museums / Galleries Montserrat
Old Road Bay
Follow the yellowing signs to Old Towne's Vue...
Beaches Montserrat
Montserrat's former capital has been...
Ghost Town Montserrat
Rendezvous Bay
The island's sole white-sand beach is a perfect...
Beaches Montserrat
Richmond Hill
This once affluent suburb of Plymouth, which is...
Viewpoints Montserrat
Runaway Ghaut
Montserrat's ghauts (pronounced guts) are deep...
Historic Districts / Sites Montserrat
St. George's Hill/Garibaldi Hill
The only access to this incredible vantage point...
Viewpoints Montserrat
The only drawback to this secluded strand is the...
Beaches Montserrat


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