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Montserrat ranks among the Caribbean's most pristine, serene islands, its luxuriant vegetation and jagged green hills justifying the moniker Emerald Isle. But it's also one of the region's most unexpected destinations: In 1995, Montserrat's volcano erupted, leaving devastation in its wake. Though the volcano still belches, it's become an ecotourism hot spot. Ironically, other fringe benefits also exist. Volcanic deposits enriched the already fertile soil; locals claim their fruit and vegetable crops have improved. The slightly warmer waters have attracted even more-varied marine life for divers and snorkelers to appreciate, along with new underwater rock formations. But it's a pretty quiet spot: Other than the volcano, the steamiest activities are the fiercely contested domino games outside rum shops.


Montserrat Hotels

In the pre-volcano (and pre–Hurricane Hugo) days, when an international roster of celebrity musicians (Elton to Eric, the... read more

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Restaurants are casual affairs indeed, ranging from glorified rum shops to hotel dining rooms. Most serve classic Caribbean... read more


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  • Top Reasons to Go to Montserrat

    Geology: Volcano lovers will experience a landscape that's been pretty much left alone for more than a decade. Diving: The... Read more

  • Luck of the Irish

    Montserrat's first European settlers were persecuted English and Irish Catholics brought from Protestant St. Kitts by Englishman Thomas... Read more


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