Martinique has a long residency requirement, so it's not really feasible to plan a wedding on the island. It is, however, a very romantic place for honeymoons.

Martinique Transportation Tips

Taxi: Taxis in Martinique are expensive, and you will pay more after dark. From the airport to Fort-de-France you'll pay at least €30 during the day, €40 at night; from the airport to Pointe du Bout, it's about €50 (€60 at night); to François or Tartane, the fare is approximately €60 (€70 at night). A 40% surcharge is levied between 7 pm and 6 am and on Sunday. If you arrive at night, depending on where your hotel is, it may be cheaper (although not safer) to rent a car from the airport and keep it for 24 hours than to take a taxi to your hotel.

Car Rental: Be prepared for a manual shift, steep mountainous roads, and heavy traffic. Prices are about €70 per day or €400 per week (unlimited mileage), substantially more for an automatic, which is rare. Usually, you won't find them unless you book in advance.

Alternative Transportation: Locals take collectifs (white vans holding up to 10 passengers) that cost just a few euros and depart from Pointe Simon, on the waterfront in Fort-de-France, to all parts of the island. Don't be shy; the difference can be €3 versus, say, €60 for a taxi to reach the same destination. Drivers don't usually speak English, and there's no a/c.

Bus Mozaik. The air-conditioned buses of this private company stop within the city; they service Lamentin, Fort-de-France suburbs such as Schoelcher, and as far into the interior of the island as St. Joseph. Buses leave from Pointe Simon, on the waterfront, where the public buses and shared-taxis (white vans) congregate. Fares start at from €1.20. For schedules, visit

The tourist offices can help with maps and information.

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