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Near pineapple fields and filled with flowers,...
Towns North of Fort-de-France
Anse Corps de Garde
On the southern Caribbean coast, this is one of...
Beaches Martinique
Anse Tartane
This patch of sand is on the wild side of the...
Beaches Martinique
There are often yachts moored offshore in these...
Beaches Martinique
This U.S.-style water park is a great place for...
Amusement Parks North of Fort-de-France
On the route to this village on the Atlantic...
Towns North of Fort-de-France
This colorful fishing village has pastel...
Towns North of Fort-de-France
Bibliothèque Schoelcher
This wildly elaborate Romanesque public library...
Libraries Fort-de-France
Diamant Beach
The island's longest beach has a splendid view of...
Beaches Martinique
Diamond Rock
This volcanic mound, 1 mile (1.5 km) offshore...
Nautical Sites South of Fort-de-France
Dubuc Castle
At the eastern tip of the Presqu'île du...
Castles / Palaces North of Fort-de-France
Forêt de Montravail
A few miles north of Ste-Luce, this tropical rain...
Forests South of Fort-de-France
Habitation Clément
Get a glimpse into Martinique's colonial past....
Wineries / Breweries South of Fort-de-France
Jardin de Balata
The Jardin de Balata has thousands of...
Gardens / Arboretums North of Fort-de-France
La Savane
The heart of Fort-de-France, La Savane is a...
Parks Fort-de-France
La Savane des Esclaves
Down a dirt road, in the countryside outside the...
Museum Village South of Fort-de-France
There's nothing pretty about Lamentin; the...
Towns South of Fort-de-France
Le Marin
The yachting capital of Martinique, Le Marin is...
Towns South of Fort-de-France
Le Morne Rouge
This town sits on the southern slopes of the...
Volcano North of Fort-de-France
Le Musée Régional d'Histoire et d'Ethnographie
This museum is best undertaken at the...
Museums / Galleries Fort-de-France
Le Prêcheur
This quaint village, the last on the northern...
Towns North of Fort-de-France
Le Vauclin
The return of the fishermen at noon is the big...
Towns South of Fort-de-France
Les Salines
A short drive south of Ste-Anne brings you to a...
Beaches Martinique
Musée de la Pagerie
A stone building that held the kitchen of the...
Museums / Galleries South of Fort-de-France
Musée Vulcanologique Frank Perret
For those interested in Mont Pelée's eruption of...
Museums / Galleries North of Fort-de-France
Neisson Distillery
The producers of one of the best rums on the...
Wineries / Breweries North of Fort-de-France
Pointe du Bout
This tourist area has a marina and several resort...
Neighborhoods / Streets South of Fort-de-France
Pointe du Bout
The beaches here are small, man-made, and lined...
Beaches Martinique
Pointe du Marin
Stretching north from Ste-Anne, this is a good...
Beaches Martinique
Presqu'île du Caravelle
Much of the Caravelle Peninsula, which juts 8 mi...
Parks North of Fort-de-France
Route to Grand' Rivière
Macouba is the starting point for a spectacular...
Scenic Drives North of Fort-de-France
Rue Victor Schoelcher
Stores sell Paris fashions and French perfume,...
Neighborhoods / Streets Fort-de-France
Pronounced shell-share, this upscale suburb of...
Towns Fort-de-France
St-Louis Cathedral
This Romanesque cathedral with lovely...
Religious Sites Fort-de-France
St. James Distillery & Rum Museum
The Musée du Rhum, operated by the St. James Rum...
Wineries / Breweries North of Fort-de-France
A long, nearly white-sand beach and a Catholic...
Towns South of Fort-de-France
This quaint fishing village has a sleepy main...
Towns South of Fort-de-France

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