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Larger hotels usually include a big buffet breakfast of eggs, fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt, croissants, baguettes, jam, and café au lait. Smaller relais (inns) often have open-air, terrace kitchenettes. There are only a few hotels that still have rooms in which smoking is allowed. Most hotels do not have elevators and many are built on hillsides, so if you have issues with stairs or with climbing paths, be sure to ask about that.

Private Villas and Condos

If you're staying a week or longer, you can often save money by renting a villa or apartment with a kitchen for preparing your own meals. The more upscale rentals come with French-speaking maids and cooks. Don't forget to add the cost of a car rental to your vacation budget.

Rental Contacts

French Caribbean International. French Caribbean International, a highly professional English-speaking reservation service operated for decades by Gerard Hill, can help you with both villa rentals and hotel rooms in Martinique; it covers all of the French West Indies. Santa Barbara, CA. 800/322–2223; 805/967–9850 U.S. office.

Nouvelles Antilles. Nouvelles Antilles, based in St-François, Guadeloupe, acts as an agent for some 30 villas around the islands, most of them luxurious. In addition, the first online travel agency dedicated to the French West Indies can book your flight, rental car, and sports activities, and create a well-priced package. It deals with all the Guadeloupe isles, St. Barth, and St. Maarten, in addition to Martinique, and can customize a multi-destination package for groups up to 15. St-François. 0590/85–00–00.

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