Canopy Tours in Martinique


Canopy Tours

Even younger kids can join in the fun on some of these zip-line courses, which are also known as tree-topping tours. However, if your body parts—particularly knees and elbows—are not as supple as they once were, or if you're afraid of heights, stay back at the hotel pool. The "tour" consists of a series of wooden ladders and bridges suspended from the trees, connected with zip lines. Participants are secured in harnesses and ropes that are hitched to them like dog leashes. You connect to a cable and then fly and bellow like Tarzan until you get to the other side. Advance reservations are recommended.

Mangofil. This professionally run zip-line park is overseen by Frenchmen who came from a similar park in France. All of the platforms, ladders, and stations were installed by members of a special union in France that specializes in such work. Safety is key here, but there's also a lot of fun; there are upgraded food offerings and a picnic area. The cost is €25 per person for adults, €15–€20 for children, depending on height. It's open Wednesday–Sunday 9–5 and every day during French school holidays. For kids age 18 months and up, there's also a huge safety net for them to frolic and "dance" among the trees, with toys galore to bounce around with. Here Happy Hour on the weekends refers to discounted prices for their mini-golf. If a Big Mango (adult) comes with a little Parcabout (kid), it is €25 + €5. They also rent quads (4x4s) Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Sebastian Millot 0596 68–08–08 0696/ 92–22–12 Forêt Rateau, Rte. de Trois-Ilets, near Le Potterie, Les Trois-Ilets, 97229. 0596/68–08–08.


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