Diving in Juan Dolio



Local dive aficionados will tell you that the South Coast, which includes Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, Isla Catalina, and, most notably, the underwater national park La Caleta, has the best diving in the country. La Caleta is a half-day trip from Juan Dolio (about $70 for excursion plus $35 for a dive), and divers can explore two sunken vessels: the Limón, a 115-foot tug boat, and the Hickory, a 130-foot freighter that once functioned as a treasure-hunting vessel. Both lie in 60 feet of water. Isla Catalina is just another day in Paradise ($75 for transportation plus $35 a dive); divers can discover black coral, huge sponges, and beautiful sea fans. Cave diving in Cueva Taina is another possibility ($70 for the transportation plus $35 per dive). If you prefer snorkeling, you can find the viewing good near the coral reef that rims the regenerated Playa Juan Dolio.

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