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Know Your Juan Dolios

Do you know how to tell one Juan Dolio from the other? Since its resurgence, Juan Dolio is actually made up of two almost completely different places now. Approaching from Santo Domingo, you'll first come across Guyacanes, which is an adjacent small fishing village that has some development. It's at the westernmost end of Juan Dolio's main drag, called Calle Principal, about 3 km (2 mi) before the old town proper. If you're going to Guyacanes, it's faster to travel by the highway.

The original town of Juan Dolio is about 3 km (2 mi) east of here and is sign-posted "Playa Juan Dolio/Guyacanes". Some call this area Old Juan Dolio, Juan Dolio West, Oasis (pronounced O ah sea), or Oasis Plaza. The beach rejuvenation includes the lovely horseshoe-shape stretch of sand in front of the main waterfront restaurants on the older part of the resort area.

The area characterized by the most condo development is still farther east and is called Villas del Mar, but you may also hear people call it New Juan Dolio. If you're traveling on the highway look for the sign that says "Club Hemingway" or the billboard for "Barceló Capella", and you'll know you've found it.

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