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You can find lots of independent restaurants in Cabarete and Sosúa, which draw a larger contingent of independent travelers. Since Playa Dorada is primarily an all-inclusive compound, there are not too many choices outside the resorts, but we list a couple as well.

The price of food here keeps escalating, and that is as true in grocery stores as much as in restaurants. Generally, restaurants in Cabarete are priced higher than those in Sosúa. The good news is that the quality of the food on the North Coast is on the rise. Not all restaurants take credit cards (and hardly any take American Express), so be sure to ask in advance if that matters, and if they do take credit cards, there's usually a 4% or 5% surcharge. The tax and service (which usually totals 26%) are often not included in the menu prices, so be sure to ask about that as well. In supermarkets you'll pay 16% tax on most of your purchases. If you shop the colmados (grocery stores), tax is not usually added, but prices are higher. The Dominican Republic is no longer a cheap place to dine out; now, as in the rest of the Caribbean, you'll save greatly on your food bill by staying at an all-inclusive resort, especially if the food there is good.

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