The North Coast: Places to Explore


  • Cabarete

    Of the towns within easy reach of the Puerto Plata airport, Cabarete has the best dining, the longest beaches, and the most youthful spirit. The main street is crowded with colorful signage and speeding... Read more

  • Cabrera

    Cabrera, Abreu, Río San Juan, and the Playa Grande area are largely unspoiled and pristine coastal areas. There's a raw beauty, with some beaches that are still completely undeveloped, soaring cliffs overlooking... Read more

  • Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada

    A port founded in 1502, Puerto Plata's name was inspired by the shimmering silver (plata) color of its coast at sunset. The city is cradled between the colonial harbor and Mt. Isabel de Torres, which provides... Read more

  • Sosúa

    Six hundred Austrian and German Jewish refugees settled this small community during World War II. After the war many of them returned to Europe or went to the United States, and most who remained married... Read more