The North Coast Features


The North Coast Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    A meal at Playa Grande: The world-class beach of Playa Grande has few people, and is made even more memorable with a freshly caught meal right... Read more

  • Sarah Garcia—A Dominicana Role Model

    Sarah Garcia is revered as an architect, considered by many to be the top designer on the North Coast, if not in the entire country. She has... Read more

  • A Caribbean Jewish Refuge

    One of the best things the infamous dictator Rafael Trujillo ever did for his country was to inaugurate an immigration plan for certain ethnic... Read more

  • The Villa Alternative

    One of the hottest tropical destinations in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has always been known as a cheap date because of its many all-inclusive... Read more

  • Tim Hall—A Quintessential Expat

    Tim Hall first came to the Dominican Republic in 1983 as a journalist to write a feature for the Toronto Star about Playa Dorada, the new tourist... Read more

  • The Reef Ball Foundation

    If you think the Reef Ball Foundation sounds like some annual charity event at a yacht club, it most assuredly is not. It's a nonprofit organization... Read more