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Sights & Attractions Santo Domingo

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Alcazar de Colón
The castle of Don Diego Colón, built in 1517, has 40-inch-thick...
Houses / Mansions Santo Domingo
Basílica Catedral Menor Santa María de la Encarnación
The coral-limestone facade of the first cathedral in the New...
Religious Sites Santo Domingo
Calle Las Damas
"Ladies Street" was named after the elegant ladies of the court:...
Neighborhoods / Streets Santo Domingo
Casa de Tostado
The house, built in the early 16th century, was the residence...
Houses / Mansions Santo Domingo
Casa del Cordón
This structure, built in 1503, is the western hemisphere's oldest...
Houses / Mansions Santo Domingo
El Museo de las Casas Reales
This is a remarkable museum that will help you comprehend the...
Museums / Galleries Santo Domingo
Iglesia Santa Bárbara
This combination church and fortress, the only one of its kind...
Religious Sites Santo Domingo
Iglesia y Convento Domínico
Founded in 1510, this graceful building is still a Dominican...
Religious Sites Santo Domingo
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