Santiago and the Cibao Valley: Places to Explore


  • Constanza

    The road south of Jarabacoa takes you higher up in the mountains until you reach Constanza, which has an altitude of 4,264 feet. However, since you are in the Cibao Valley you do not feel that high. The... Read more

  • Jarabacoa

    Nature lovers should consider a trip to Jarabacoa, in the mountainous region known rather wistfully as the Dominican Alps (altitude 2,666 feet). The town is not pristine like a real Alpine village, though... Read more

  • La Vega

    Founded in 1495 by Christopher Columbus, La Vega is the site of one of the oldest settlements in the New World. The Spanish discovered gold here in the 1490s, and they also established the first mint in... Read more

  • Santiago

    The second city of the Dominican Republic, where many past presidents were born, is reached by the Autopista Duarte, the four-lane highway from Puerto Plata that follows a centuries-old trade route that... Read more