Santiago and the Cibao Valley: Places to Explore



The road south of Jarabacoa takes you higher up in the mountains until you reach Constanza, which has an altitude of 4,264 feet. However, since you are in the Cibao Valley you do not feel that high. The town is surrounded by farmland, which gives you the impression of being on level ground. Although Constanza has approximately the same number of residents as Jarabacoa—slightly fewer than 30,000—it has a much more small-town feel, with a less crowded downtown. However, in some ways it's not as attractive as Jarabacoa, particularly because its central park is not as appealing. Town folk seem friendlier, however, with more time for you. Without many adventure tours here, the real reason you go to Constanza is to breath in some fresh, cool mountain air and just relax, which you can do in a couple of nearby lodges.

Constanza at a Glance

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