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Guided Tours

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Because Dominica is such a nature-centered destination, there's no shortage of certified guides, as well as numerous tour and taxi companies. Ask the staff at your hotel for a recommendation. Generally tours start off in the Roseau area, but most operators will arrange convenient pickups. Prices range between $35 and $75 per person, depending on the duration and the destination, amenities provided, and the number of people on the excursion.

Dominica Tours. Dominica Tours is one of the island's largest tour companies, offering a range of hikes and bird-watching trips. 767/448–2638.

Ken's Hinterland Adventure Tours & Taxi Service. Ken's Hinterland Adventure Tours & Taxi Service offers a range of island tours and guided hikes, including some specifically for families with children. Fort Young Hotel, Victoria St., Roseau. 767/448–4850; 767/448–1660; 866/880–0508 in U.S.