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Taxi Travel

Modern, well-maintained tourist taxis, which charge dollars, congregate in front of hotels, transportation hubs, and major sights. Private cabs with yellow plates are much cheaper, and you can hire them for a day of driving around town for about $25. The famous bicitaxis, or bicycle taxis, are a relaxing way to see the sights. Regardless of which type of taxi you choose, settle on a price before you board.

In Holguín, Turistaxi is a reliable cab company. In Santiago, contact Taxis Cubalse, Transgaviota, or Turistaxi.


Taxis Cubalse. 226/64–1165.

Transgaviota. 226/64–1465.

Turistaxi. 24/42–4187 in Holguín; 226/63–1389 in Santiago.

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