Central Cuba: Places to Explore


  • Camagüey

    Cuba's third-largest city (population 315,000) and the capital of the country's biggest province, Camagüey is a sprawling but tranquil town of narrow, cobbled streets—lined with an eclectic mix of architecture—converging... Read more

  • Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo

    These two green islands, set in the turquoise sea some 27 km (16 mi) north of the mainland, have more than a dozen white-sand beaches, twice that many coral reefs, and mangrove shallows that attract great... Read more

  • Cayo Las Brujas

    A piedraplen (causeway) traverses the shallow waters of Bahía Buena Vista (Buena Vista Bay) from the mainland to Cayo Las Brujas and beyond to the larger Cayo Santa María—both in the western half of the... Read more

  • Ciego de Ávila

    Most people simply pass through this provincial capital on the way to resorts in Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo. This is an ordinary, torrid city of 100,000—en route to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo to the... Read more

  • Cienfuegos

    Cienfuegos is an attractive, laid-back port city of 110,000 that overlooks a deep bay of the same name. Its small historic core is surrounded by a gray ring of cement-block housing and industrial buildings... Read more

  • El Valle de los Ingenios

    Just east of Trinidad, the road winds its way through the verdant Valley of the Sugar Mills, where Trinidad's colonial fortunes were made.... Read more

  • Guajimico

    The tiny agricultural community of Guajimico has little to offer in and of itself, but it sits in a wild area halfway between Cienfuegos and Trinidad where the natural attractions range from patches of... Read more

  • Morón

    Morón is a more pleasant town than Ciego de Ávila, as it has half the population and twice the historic architecture. It's also the nearest city to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo and their resorts. Many... Read more

  • Península de Ancón

    The beaches that line the southern edge of this narrow peninsula, which curves eastward into the Caribbean, are two of the best in the province. Most people who visit Trinidad actually stay here; it lies... Read more

  • Playa Santa Lucía

    Originally a simple fishing and salt-collecting village east of the Bahía de Nuevitas, Santa Lucía has been attracting tourists for decades, and all you need is a glimpse of the beach to understand why... Read more

  • Remedios

    San Juan de Remedios is one of Cuba's oldest towns. Founded in 1515 on the northern coast, it was moved inland to its current location in 1524, after the residents were harassed by pirates. Toward the... Read more

  • Sancti Spíritus

    The provincial capital of Sancti Spíritus is a lesser Trinidad—its historic center is much smaller, but it also receives a mere fraction of the visitors that flock to its more famous neighbor. It's a tranquil... Read more

  • Santa Clara

    The capital of Villa Clara Province is a pleasant city of 200,000, with a busy center where cobbled streets are lined with historic buildings and a periphery of factories and modern apartment buildings... Read more

  • Topes de Collantes

    High in the Sierra de Escambray, at the end of a road that winds its way north from Trinidad, this sylvan enclave has long been a health resort. It's also the perfect base for a hike. At an altitude of... Read more

  • Trinidad

    Trinidad seems to have weathered three centuries with hardly a wrinkle. Its enchanting cobblestone streets are lined with houses that have brightly painted adobe walls and wooden shutters. Its historic... Read more