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Getting Your Goat

Roaming livestock is a fact of life in the tropics, particularly in less-developed places like Virgin Gorda. Indeed, residents who leave their car windows open occasionally return to find a freshly laid egg on the front seat. If you have time to sit a spell at places like Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, you might see a mother hen followed by a string of little ones.

While crowing roosters can rouse annoyingly early, grazing goats pose traffic hazards. Some have owners, but many of them wander off to forage for food. Be particularly careful when you're driving around bends or over the top of hills. You might find a herd of goats, or maybe a sheep or two, camped out in the middle of the road. Sound your horn and be patient. They'll move in their own time.

And should you happen to see a vendor selling local dishes, the relatives of those goats and chickens are probably bubbling in the pot.

Updated: 2013-12-11

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