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Top Reasons to Go to Virgin Gorda

Beautiful Beaches: Virgin Gorda's stunning, white, sandy beaches are the number one reason to visit. The Baths are the most crowded, but other beaches are usually quiet.

The Baths: The ever-popular Baths, an area strewn with giant boulders—many are as big as houses—draw hordes of visitors. Go early or late to enjoy the solitude.

Vacation Villas: Virgin Gorda villas come in all sizes and price ranges. Some are so spectacular that they grace the pages of glossy magazines, but there are plenty of more modest choices.

North Sound: Even if you aren't a guest at one of North Sound's handful of resorts, you still should visit. Ferries depart frequently. Stay for lunch, or just enjoy an afternoon drink.

Solitude: You don't go to Virgin Gorda for the nightlife (although there is some here and there) or endless activities (but you might want to rent a kayak). This is a spot for relaxation.

Updated: 12-2013

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