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A day might not be enough to tour this island—all 21 square miles (56 square km) of it—not because there's so much to see and do but because you're meant to relax while you're here. Time stands still even in Road Town, the island's biggest community (though not as still as it did even in the early 1990s), where the hands of the central square's clock occasionally move but never tell the right time. The harbor, however, is busy with sailboats—this is the charter-boat capital of the Caribbean. Tortola's roads dip and curve around the island and lead to lovely, secluded accommodations.


Tortola Hotels

Luxury on Tortola is more about a certain state of mind—serenity, seclusion, gentility, and a bit of Britain in the... read more


Tortola Restaurants

Restaurants are scattered from one end of the island to the other, so you're never far from a good meal. Cane Garden Bay,... read more


Tortola Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to Tortola

    Charter a Boat: Tortola is the charter-yacht capital of the Caribbean and a popular destination for boaters. Hit the Road:... Read more

  • American or British?

    Yes, the Union Jack flutters overhead in the tropical breeze, schools operate on the British system, place names have British spellings,... Read more

  • Rocking the Bay

    Cane Garden Bay is the place to go for live music, with Quito Rymer frequently delighting the crowds at his Quito's Bar and Restaurant.... Read more


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