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Once a sleepy backwater, Tortola is definitely busy these days, particularly when several cruise ships tie up at the Road Town dock. Passengers crowd the streets and shops, and open-air jitneys filled with cruise-ship passengers create bottlenecks on the island's byways. That said, most folks visit Tortola to relax on its deserted sands or linger over lunch at one of its many delightful restaurants. Beaches are never more than a few miles away, and the steep green hills that form Tortola's spine are fanned by gentle trade winds. The neighboring islands glimmer like emeralds in a sea of sapphire. It can be a world far removed from the hustle of modern life, but it simply doesn't compare to Virgin Gorda in terms of beautiful beaches—or even luxury resorts, for that matter.


Tortola Hotels

Luxury on Tortola is more about a certain state of mind—serenity, seclusion, gentility, and a bit of Britain in the... read more


Tortola Restaurants

Local seafood is plentiful on Tortola, and although other fresh ingredients are scarce, the island's chefs are a creative... read more


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