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Most divers are exhausted after they finish their third, fourth, or fifth dive of the day, which may explain why there are no full-time discos on Bonaire. Strange as it may sound, the most effective approach to finding the best hot spot is to stand downtown, listen for the loudest music, and then follow your ears. Most of the time nightlife consists of sitting on a quiet beach and sipping a local Amstel Bright beer. Top island performers, including the Foyan Boys, migrate from one resort to another throughout the week. You can find information in the free magazines (published once a year) Bonaire Affair and Bonaire Nights. The twice-monthly Bonaire Update Events and Activities pamphlet is available at most restaurants.

Carnival, generally held in February, is the usual nonstop parade of steel bands, floats, and wild costumes, albeit on a much smaller scale than on some other islands. It culminates in the ceremonial burning in effigy of King Momo, representing the spirit of debauchery.

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