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Although meal plans are available at most hotels, the island has many excellent—and often inexpensive—restaurants. If you're planning a dive vacation, look into the many attractive dive packages.

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If you prefer do-it-yourself home-style comfort over the pampering and other services offered by a hotel, you can rent a fully furnished apartment.

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Bonaire Hotel & Tourism Association. The tourism association has information on a variety of properties ranging from budget to upscale. 599/717-5134. 0.

Sun Rentals. A range of accommodations are available through Sun Rentals. Offerings include private ocean-view villas in luxurious areas like Sabadeco, furnished oceanfront apartments (with a pool) in town, or bungalows in Lagoenhill, an inland community. The Sun Oceanfront Apartments are an excellent budget choice for families. 599/717–6130. 13.

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