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  • If You Like

    You don't have to be here long to realize there's much more to Bermuda than sea, sand, and Rum Swizzles. As one of Britain's oldest colonies, the... Read more

  • What the Locals Do in Bermuda

    Bermudians love to eat, and on Sundays they never miss this traditional brunch dish. The custom dates back to the 18th century, when Bermuda sloops... Read more

  • Quintessential Bermuda

    Although it's only 650 miles east of the United States, Bermuda seems like a world apart. Feeling at home on this oh-so-friendly archipelago,... Read more

  • Weddings and Honeymoons

    Bermuda is a popular wedding destination because of its secluded pink beaches, easy access from the United States, well-established infrastructure,... Read more

  • Bermuda with Kids

    Bermuda is generally seen as a destination for honeymooners and baby boomers, but it's also a great place for families, with plenty of kid-friendly... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to Bermuda

    Beaches: Sand and Sea come together in beautiful pink and blue crescents. Island Culture: A rich heritage of British traditions with a calypso... Read more

  • Bermuda Today

    …is tiny. Bermuda in all its glory is indeed little more than an easy-to-miss small dot on most world maps. Off the east coast of North Carolina in... Read more

  • Where to Take Tea

    When afternoon arrives, Bermuda, like Britain, pauses for tea. Usually, tea is served between 3 and 5, but teatime can mean anything from an urn or... Read more

  • Gombey Dancers

    The Gombey dancer is one of the island's most enduring and uniquely Bermudian cultural icons. The Gombey (pronounced gum-bay) tradition here dates... Read more

  • Secrets from a Golf Pro

    Golf courses elsewhere are often designed with the wind in mind—long downwind holes and short upwind holes. Not so in Bermuda, where the wind is... Read more

  • From Tee Time to Bed Time

    If you stay in a hotel with its own golf course or one that has agreements with some of the golf clubs, it cuts out much of the planning you'll... Read more

  • Good, Cheap Fun!

    Bermuda is notoriously expensive, but if you've blown most of your inheritance getting here you needn't splash the rest of it on having a good... Read more

  • For Love of Cricket

    The Oval and Lords are names of English cricket grounds that evoke memories of Britain long ago, a time of cucumber sandwiches and tea poured from... Read more

  • Wreck Diving

    If you've heard the stories of the Bermuda Triangle, then you won't be surprised to hear that there are more than 20 ships wrecked off the island.... Read more

  • The Bermuda Triangle Demystified

    Long before the myth of the Bermuda Triangle became legend, Bermuda had already earned a reputation as an enchanted island. It was nicknamed "The... Read more

  • Slavery in Bermuda

    Within a few years of the colony's founding, slavery had become a fact of life in Bermuda. As early as 1616, slaves—most of whom were... Read more

  • Law and Order: Colonial Style

    Back in Bermuda's early days, colonists convicted of offenses such as drunkenness, blasphemy, and slander would be locked in the stocks or forced to... Read more

  • Picnic Perfect

    Ditch your proper place settings for a little sea breeze with that sandwich. With verdant open spaces sprinkled with shady poinciana trees, the... Read more

  • The Bermuda Railway

    The history of the Bermuda Railway—which operated on the island from 1931 to 1948—is as brief as the track is short. Bermuda's Public Works... Read more

  • A Look Ahead at Bermuda Lodgings

    Traveling to Bermuda in the near future? Be sure to keep an eye on a few of the highly anticipated headlines within the island’s local resort... Read more

  • Bermudian Architecture

    The typical Bermudian building is built of limestone block, usually painted white or a pastel shade, with a prominent chimney and a tiered,... Read more

  • Bermuda's Cottage Colonies

    Long before Bermuda's tourism heyday, when only British aristocrats, Hollywood stars, and blue bloods from America's East Coast could afford to... Read more

  • Blushing Beaches

    In only a few regions where tropical coral reefs flourish offshore do pink-sand beaches form. What makes Bermuda's sand pink is an amalgam of... Read more

  • World Cup

    Bermuda's angling competitions attract top fishermen from all over the world. The Bermuda Blast tournament over the July 4 weekend coincides with... Read more

  • Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum

    One of the distinct pleasures of a visit to Bermuda is getting to sample a bit of island rum and rum-based products. Gosling's Black Seal Rum is... Read more

  • The Dish on Local Dishes

    Shark hash made of minced shark meat sautéed with spices may not sound too appetizing, but it's a popular Bermudian appetizer, usually served on... Read more

  • Bermuda Shorts in the Office

    You may have heard of Bermuda's peculiar business fashion, and you may even have seen pictures of businessmen in shorts and long socks, but nothing... Read more

  • Local Do's and Taboos

    Bermudians tend to be quite formal in attire as well as in personal interactions. Casual dress, including bathing suits, is acceptable at hotels and... Read more


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