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The Dish on Local Dishes

Shark hash made of minced shark meat sautéed with spices may not sound too appetizing, but it's a popular Bermudian appetizer, usually served on toast.

Bermudians love codfish cakes —made of salted cod mashed with cooked potatoes and fresh thyme and parsley, then shaped into a patty and panfried. They taste great topped with a zesty fruit salsa and a side of mesclun salad.

The island's traditional weekend brunch is a huge plate of boiled or steamed salt cod with boiled potatoes, onions, and sliced bananas, all topped with a hard-boiled egg or tomato sauce, and, sometimes, avocado slices.

Cassava pie —a savory blend of cassava, eggs, sugar, and either pork or chicken—is a rich, flavorful dish (formerly reserved for Christmas dinner) often offered as a special side. More common is mussel pie, made of shelled mussels, potatoes, and onions, baked and seasoned with thyme, parsley, and curry.

As for Bermudian desserts, bananas baked in rum and brown sugar are to die for, and loquat or banana crumble is sweet and rich.

Updated: 2014-03-11

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