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Most visitors stay either on the fashionable west coast, north of Bridgetown, or on the action-packed south coast. On the west coast, the beachfront resorts in St. Peter and St. James parishes are mostly luxurious, self-contained enclaves. Highway 1, a two-lane road with considerable traffic, runs past these resorts; strolling to a nearby bar or restaurant can be a bit difficult. Along the south coast in Christ Church Parish, several hotels are clustered near the busy strip known as St. Lawrence Gap, convenient to dozens of small restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. On the much more remote east coast, a few small inns offer oceanfront views and get-away-from-it-all tranquillity.

Local real-estate agencies will arrange vacation rentals of privately owned villas and condos along the west coast in St. James and St. Peter. All villas and condos are fully furnished and equipped—including appropriate staff depending on the size of the villa or unit, which can range from one to eight bedrooms; the staff usually works six days a week. Most villas have TVs and other entertainment devices; all properties have telephones, and some have Internet access. International telephone calls are usually blocked; plan on using your own mobile phone or a phone card or calling card. Vehicles generally are not included in the rates, but rental cars can be arranged for and delivered to the villa upon request. Linens and basic supplies (such as bath soap, toilet tissue, and dishwashing detergent) are normally included.

In keeping with the smoke-free policy enforced throughout Barbados, smoking is restricted to open outdoor areas such as the beach. It is not permitted in hotels (neither rooms nor public areas) or in restaurants.

Prices in Barbados may be twice as high in season (December 15–April 15) compared with the quieter months; special promotions and vacation packages are often available throughout the year. Most hotels include no meals in their rates, but some include breakfast and many offer a meal plan. Some require you to purchase a meal plan in the high season, and a few offer all-inclusive packages.

Resorts run the gamut—from unpretentious to exceedingly formal—in terms of size, intimacy, amenities, and price. Families and long-term visitors may choose from a wide variety of villas and condos. A few small, cozy inns are found along the east and southeast coasts, as well as the northwest. They can be ultraluxurious, fairly simple, or something in between.

Villa and condo complexes, which are continually cropping up along the south and west coasts of Barbados, may be the most economical option for families, groups, or couples vacationing together. Nonowner vacationers rent individual units directly from the property managers, the same as reserving hotel accommodations. Apartments are available for vacation rentals in buildings or complexes with as few as three or four units or as many as 30 to 40 units—or even more.

Villas or condos with one to eight bedrooms and as many baths run $200 to $2,500 per night in summer, and double that in winter. Rates include utilities and government taxes. The only additional cost is for groceries and staff gratuities. A security deposit is required upon booking and refunded seven days after departure less any damages or unpaid miscellaneous charges.

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