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Taxis meet incoming flights at both airports. From the Stella Maris airport, the fare to Stella Maris Resort is $10 per couple; to Cape Santa Maria, the fare is $30 per couple. Guests staying at Chez Pierre Bahamas pay $40 from the Stella Maris airport and $60 from Deadman's Cay. From the Deadman's Cay airport to Gems of Paradise, the fare is $50. Ellen's Inn and Winter Haven provide free transportation from the DC airport. A full-day tour of the island by taxi would cost about $350, and a half-day tour would be about $120. However, all taxis are privately owned, so rates can be negotiated. It is generally cheaper to rent a car for the duration of your trip than it is to pay taxi fares every time you want to go somewhere.


Jerry's Taxi Service (Long Island. 242/338–8592 or 242/472–8065.)

Leonard Darville (Long Island. 242/472–0024.)

Omar Daley (Long Island. 242/357–1043.)

Scoffield Miller (Long Island. 242/338–8970.)

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