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Junkanoo. Inagua puts on a spirited Junkanoo parade on Boxing Day, December 26, and New Year's Day. Parades start at 4:30 am; you have to make the decision to stay up all night or get up early. There's food at the Fish Fry at Kiwanis Park in the center of town, where the parades end.


Long Island Sailing Regatta. The annual Long Island Sailing Regatta, featuring Bahamian-made boats, is a three-day event the first weekend of June. Held in Salt Pond, the regatta is the island's biggest event, attracting contestants from all over the islands. Booths featuring handmade crafts and Bahamian food and drink dot the site and local bands provide lively entertainment beginning at sundown. Salt Pond is 10 miles south of Simms.

Cat Island Rake 'n' Scrape Festival. The Cat Island Rake 'N' Scrape Festival in June celebrates the Bahamas' indigenous Rake 'n' Scrape music, and includes food, crafts, and entertainment.

Cat Island Regatta. The annual Cat Island Regatta in August has parties, live music, games, dancing, and lots of island cooking.

Inaugua Regatta. The annual Inagua Regatta in August includes Bahamian-built sailboat races, food, and music.


Discovery Day Festival. San Salvador's annual Discovery Day Festival in October celebrates Christopher Columbus's discovery of the Americas (the island is his reputed landing place). The festival is held at Graham's Harbour at the small settlement of United States. There are live music, games, food, church services, and a sloop regatta sail.

Updated: 2013-12-02

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