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The New Bight Service Station and Gilbert’s New Bight Market rent cars on the southern end of Cat Island and will pick you up from the Bight airport. Robon Enterprises rents cars for the north (for those flying into Arthur’s Town). All inns and resorts can arrange rental cars for you upon arrival. Rates depend on the number of days you're renting, but $80 per day plus gas, is the average.

The best way to enjoy the overall Cat Island experience is to rent a car, at least for one day, and do some exploring on your own. You'll need one if you want to check out various settlements, as they're not within walking distance. The two-lane, potholed Queen's Highway runs the 48-mile length of the island from north to south. You can also tour the island with a guide from Cat Island Experience.


Gilbert's Car Rentals and Market. From this little convenience store, Ms. Nora Gilbert rents cars for pick up/return on the southern end of Cat Island only. She also sells cold drinks, dry goods, snacks, and toiletries—it's a good stop if you forgot to bring bug spray. Across from Gilbert's Inn, New Bight, Cat Island. 242/342–3011.

New Bight Service Station. Cars rented from New Bight Service station cost $95/day, plus gas, which is more or less the going rate on the island. These rental cars are available for pick up/return on the southern end of the island only. New Bight, Cat Island. 242/342–3014.

Robon Enterprises Car Rental. Situated on the north end of Cat Island, this is the place to rent a car if you fly into Arthur's Town. Arthur's Town, Cat Island. 242/354–6120 or 242/359–9725.

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