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Cat Island has two airports: Arthur's Town (ATC) in the north and the Bight (TBI) mid-island. Cat Island Air flies daily to the Bight from Nassau and is the best and cheapest service to the southern part of the island. Southern Air flies from Nassau to Arthur's Town and is the best service for the northern portion of the island. Sky Bahamas Air also flies from Nassau to both the Bight and Arthur’s Town. Florida Coastal Air flies into the Bight from Fort Lauderdale. If you are going to Fernandez Bay Village, Island HoppInn, Greenwood Beach Resort, or Hawk's Nest Resort, fly into the Bight. If you are going to Pigeon Cay Halvorson House, or Shanna’s Cove, fly to Arthur's Town.


Arthur's Town Airport (242/354–2036.)

The Bight Airport (242/342–2016.)

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