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    El Greco Hotel Review

    Pluses: wide comfortable bed, spacious room, wake-up call on departure day came as promised Minuses: Noisy (SLAM! went the door of the adjacent room; staccato roar of motorcycles 2am; yelling in halls; throaty rumble of diesel trucks 4am; buzzing, hissing air conditioner.) Air conditioner seems to have no working thermostat – it runs even when the room has become clammy-cold; chilled occupant wakes up to turn it off again. Dirty: air conditioner mounted over the door has grime encrusted on its vents, and a large black smudge on the ceiling nearby marks where it blows air against the ceiling. Desk lamp base encrusted with grime. Water spots on bathroom faucets.) Knob on closet door came off in my hand (if anyone from the hotel reads this, I put it on the closet shelf in room 16). I had to unplug something (the TV?) to plug the desk lamp in (too few outlets). Very slow warm-up of shower water to lukewarm (not hot) -- when I complained of this the first morning, the desk clerk said “Just let the water run for 5 minutes.” A hotel in an island nation surrounded by salty water should not be encouraging such waste of fresh water. The washcloth provided is more like a flimsy paper tissue than a washcloth. No lobby PC to check email; no way to print boarding pass. When a guest unlocks the door with room key, enters the room, and closes the door, the door is then unlocked. The guest must remember to turn a little knob in the middle of the doorknob (visualize home bathroom) to relock the door. The door is then locked from the INSIDE also, so to leave the next day, the guest must turn the little knob again. All very well – but what if the guest is in panic to escape a fire in the middle of the night? On the third night of my four-night stay, the desk clerk called me, waking me from sleep, to tell me my credit card was “no good.” Much affrighted (such calls are a possible scam), I threw on clothes and rushed to the desk. The clerk confirmed he did call, and then explained that the hotel credit card reader was out of order. Surely this matter could have waited until morning. I could find no good place to eat breakfast near this hotel. Each morning when I entered the lobby to go out, a hotel employee on duty asked me whether “I need the room serviced today” – with demeanor and body language clearly pointing to the desired answer “No.”

    by williame, 7/2/12

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