Eleuthera and Harbour Island Travel Guide

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Eleuthera, at the center of the Bahamas chain, is made up of three distinctly different islands. The mainland is the largest island, a narrow, 110-mile long iguana-shaped landmass with two-lane Queen's Highway running from top to bottom. The fierce, deep-blue Atlantic is to the east, and the usually placid azure and teal shallows of the Bight of Eleuthera and Great Bahama Bank are to the west. The island is divided into North, Central, and South sections; Governor's Harbour, the government center and capital of Eleuthera, is mid-island and has the largest of three airports on the island. Eleuthera's mainland holds the majority of the island's residents, about 8,000. The rest of the 3,000 residents are split between 3-mile Harbour Island, 1 mile off Eleuthera's northeast coast, and 2-mile Spanish Wells, 1 mile off Eleuthera's northern coast. Both are reachable by 10-minute ferry rides from North Eleuthera. The island is 200 miles east of Florida and 50 miles east of Nassau.

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