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When to Go

Andros, Bimini, and the Berries have a slightly different high season than most of the other Bahamas islands. Because of their close proximity to Florida, boaters make the crossing in droves from spring break through summer, especially to Bimini. Waters tend to be calmest during these months. Andros and the Berries, because of their famed fishing and diving, experience traffic also in the winter season (mid-December through Easter), but not as much as elsewhere. Fishing and diving are good throughout the year, although cold fronts December through February can cause rough seas. Temperatures usually remain steady enough to enjoy the beaches year-round, but occasionally drop into the 60s. At many resorts rates remain steady throughout the year, except in Bimini and at fishing lodges on the other islands, where they are generally higher in spring and summer. Hurricane season technically runs from June through November; August and September (the most likely months for hurricanes) can be hot and steamy, and many resorts and restaurants are closed.

Top Festivals


Junkanoo Celebrations take place in Fresh Creek in Central Andros, Nicholl's Town in North Andros, Alice Town in North Bimini, Bullock's Harbour Park in Great Harbour Cay, and Berry Islands on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day with festivities that include traditional Junkanoo parades, music, dancing, and food.


Though bonefishing is the name of the game on the Andros islands, in April the town of Red Bays in North Andros hosts a Snapper Tournament.


During the second weekend in June, three days of crab races, cook-offs, live Rake ’n' Scrape music, and national musical artists comprise the All Andros Crab Fest in Fresh Creek, held at Queen Park. Expect wild street parties across the Bahamas on July 10, Independence Day. The All Andros & Berry Islands Regatta takes place the second weekend in July, featuring A, B, and C Class Bahamian sailing sloops, local cuisine, and entertainment at Andros Regatta Village on Morgan's Bluff Beach. Don’t let the name fool you; Junkanoo in June —traditional summertime parties with Goombay dancers and musical groups—take place throughout the entire summer on Fridays (and sometimes Saturdays) in Andros, the Berry Islands, and Bimini. On-island tourism offices can provide more details. The Berry Islands celebrate everything conch—from culinary preparations to conch dance competitions—during the Conch Festival held in August. South Andros also hosts a similar festival in Mars Bay in mid-October. The conch-cracking contest is always a highlight there. Bimini hosts the Bahamas Boating Flings (formerly the Bimini Open Angling Tournament) in June and July as well as the Annual Bimini Native Fishing Tournament in August.

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