Great Harbour Cay Rentals

Seaside Cottage is on a private peninsula opposite Great Harbour Marina about 5 mins by boat, 10 mins by golf cart, , Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas

Two options offer great boat access and docks near Great Harbour Cay Marina on a private peninsula: downstairs is Anglers Roost apartment villa ($150/day), newly remodeled to sleep three, with free dockage, and up above is the Seaside Cottage ($500/day), a lovely four-bedroom house with huge decks, a freshwater pool, an outside bar, and a dock that can take up to two boats under 34 feet and one up to 55 feet in 20-foot depths. On the 6½-mile-long beach by the airport in the Beach Villas property, there’s also the Seaside Villa for two ($125/day). The Seaside Cottage comes with four sea kayaks, ideal for exploring and flats fishing. You’ll need a golf cart for buying supplies (or bring lots from home). Book well in advance for these prime rentals.


  • off-the-beaten-path
  • easy boat access to beaches and bonefish flats
  • private and economical


  • you need a golf cart to get around and gather supplies


Phones: 561-313–4760-in U.S. and Canada | 242-367–8155


Rate Includes: 2 villas, 1 houseNo meals